Are you still smarter than an AI? There’s a way to keep track

Create a 3:2 ratio illustration in a cheerful and bright format. Picture a modern, technologically advanced setting that reflects the future of artificial intelligence. Include a leaderboard showcasing various AI models, each labeled with symbols rather than names. Show researchers observing the leaderboard and evaluating the AI models. They should be depicted as a mixed group, including a Hispanic female and a Black male researcher for inclusion. In the background, subtly illustrate the development and testing of AI models, maybe through lines of code or futuristic digital displays. Imaginatively represent the cited 'Chatbot Arena', perhaps as a lively virtual arena where chatbots engage, spectators vote, and a giant scoreboard displays the results. Remember, the entire scene should not be in a specific artist's style but should be vivid, positive and light.

Community-built rankings of AI models have become popular in recent months, providing real-time insights into the competition among major tech companies for AI supremacy. These rankings track the most advanced AI models based on their ability to complete specific tasks. While newer entrants like Google’s Gemini and Mistral-Medium from Mistral AI have gained attention, OpenAI’s GPT-4 continues to dominate. The rankings are based on tests or benchmarks that measure AI performance in areas like speech recognition. However, these benchmarks are not perfect and researchers are constantly working on improving them. The leaderboards also reveal the number of AI models in development, with thousands of models being evaluated and ranked. Some models have already surpassed human performance on certain tests, indicating saturation and the need for new benchmarks. Researchers are exploring creative ways to evaluate language models, including human input and holistic judgments. Chatbot Arena, a leaderboard that uses human evaluation, has gained popularity and allows visitors to ask questions and vote on the best chatbot response. While benchmarks have their limitations, they still drive innovation among AI developers who strive to improve their models and stay ahead in the field.

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