Apple’s electric car project is dead

Generate an illustration for an article in a lighthearted, whimsical, and bright style, featuring a desk with various AI-related equipment hinting at the absence of a car project. There's a large sketch pad with half-serious drawings of electric cars, crossed out. Nearby, on a computer screen, visible code about AI modeling and programming is showing. A discarded blueprint of a car with the label 'Project Titan' is visibly crumpled in a corner and an unbranded electric car model on the desk is gathering dust. Subtle references to other tech companies like Sony and Honda are also visible as small toy electric cars on a shelf in the background.

Apple has reportedly halted its Project Titan, which aimed to develop an electric car. The company announced internally that the project is being discontinued, and many team members will shift to working on generative AI. The exact number of layoffs resulting from this decision is unclear. Apple’s efforts to build its own electric car have been rumored for years, with recent reports suggesting that the project was still ongoing. However, the project faced numerous challenges, including high turnover among staff and changing plans. It was also rumored that the car would not have the advanced self-driving capabilities initially anticipated. Instead, Apple will focus on AI development, as it is investing heavily in training its own AI model called Ajax. While Apple may have abandoned its electric car dream, Sony and Honda are still planning to release their own electric cars with autonomous features in the coming years.

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