Anthropic unveils Claude 3, surpassing GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra in benchmark tests

Create a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration, positive and light, reflecting the success story of an AI startup. Illustrate a highly advanced AI model, standing proudly at the top of a podium, leaving behind two other smaller models symbolizing GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra. This top AI model should be divided into three pieces, each representing a part of the series, namely Opus, Sonnet, and the upcoming Haiku. Opus is styled with gears, implying high function, Sonnet is engineered conservatively to represent cost-effectiveness, while Haiku is designed in a user-friendly way, reflecting its application as a chatbot service. In the background, include text-filled images to signify image input capability. Also, depict an open handbook titled 'Constitutional AI', representing the goal of addressing bias in AI. No figures from copyrighted productions should be included.

Anthropic, an AI startup, has unveiled its Claude 3 series of AI models, including Opus, Sonnet, and the upcoming Haiku. Opus is claimed to outperform leading AI models from OpenAI and Google, setting a new benchmark for conversational AI. Sonnet offers a cost-effective solution for routine data analysis, while Haiku is designed for applications like consumer-facing chatbots. The models also support image input, allowing for text recognition in images. Anthropics aims to address bias in AI through its Constitutional AI approach, aligning models with widely agreed-upon values. However, the company acknowledges that achieving perfectly bias-free AI is challenging. The announcement comes after controversy surrounding Google’s chatbot Gemini, which highlighted the difficulties of avoiding social bias in AI models. Anthropics aims to steer AI development towards a positive outcome for society.

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