AMD bets on AI-powered PCs as artificial intelligence race with Nvidia, Intel heats up – CNBC

Create a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration in a cheerful, cartoonish and vibrant style, showing a non-descriptive male software engineer adjusting a large, complex graphics processing unit. In the background, show data being processed and transformed into artificial intelligence sub-systems, representing various countries' tech advancements. The overall image should have a positive and light-hearted tone to represent the growing demand for such technology.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is focusing on AI PCs to compete with Nvidia and Intel in the AI market. Victor Peng, the president of AMD, believes that the market for AI PCs will continue to expand, with increased adoption expected in the second half of the year. AI PCs are personal computers equipped with processors designed for AI functions like real-time language translation. Canalys, a tech research firm, predicts that 60% of PCs shipped in 2027 will be AI-capable due to the boom in generative AI. Initially, AI-powered devices will target certain segments of the enterprise PC market, but as more use cases and cost reductions emerge, they will spread to the broader market. IDC expects the integration of AI capabilities into PCs to drive upgrades and hit shelves this year. AMD is confident in its position in the AI PC market and has announced the Ryzen 8000G Series desktop processors for powerful performance. AMD competes with Nvidia and Intel in graphics processing units (GPUs), which are crucial for AI and high-performance computing. Nvidia currently dominates the GPU market for AI applications, but AMD aims to gain market share with its Instinct MI300X chips for large language model training.

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