AI child unveiled by award-winning Chinese scientist in Beijing – South China Morning Post

Create a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration in a cheerful, cartoonish and vibrant style, showing a non-descriptive male software engineer adjusting a large, complex graphics processing unit. In the background, show data being processed and transformed into artificial intelligence sub-systems, representing various countries' tech advancements. The overall image should have a positive and light-hearted tone to represent the growing demand for such technology.

Chinese scientists have developed Tong Tong, the world’s first virtual artificial intelligence (AI) entity. Tong Tong was unveiled at an exhibition in Beijing and can independently assign tasks to herself, including exploring her environment and tidying rooms. She possesses autonomous learning capabilities and displays emotions such as joy, anger, and sorrow. Tong Tong’s behavior and abilities are similar to those of a three or four-year-old child. The director of the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI), Zhu Songchun, believes that to advance towards general AI, entities must comprehend the real world and possess a wide range of skills. The exhibition also showcased the Tong Test, a platform for AI testing that assesses vision, language, cognition, motion, and learning. The Tong Test offers a complete testing regime for the development of general AI, focusing on practical abilities and values. The goal is for general AI to seamlessly integrate into human environments and serve society effectively and safely.

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